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BODY CHARGER enhance intelligence and efficiency of rehabilitation and physiotherapy

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核心摘要:Gee Hoo Fitec Corp. established in 1979, has experience in producing fitness equipment for 40 years, is one of the most famous fitness equipment manufacturers in Taiwan. Research in developing the fitness equipment for middle-aged, Gee Hoo, with its brand, has spread over the world.
High-quality products produce in Taiwan
Like many companies in Taiwan, it started with ODM / OEM services and began to focus on R&D of middle-aged fitness equipment under the consideration of market variety and brand management. In the 1990s, unlike many manufactures moved to China for cost considerations, Gee Hoo stayed in Taiwan, to keep the precise process and high-quality product. " Unlike other companies moved to China, the cost is relatively high, and we begins to think about differing from others in market," said Chairman Gee Hoo, founder Xu.

Gee Hoo-2
Gee Hoo chose to invest in R&D of high-end products, taking the middle-aged consumer as target, and shifting its focus to its own brands. Nearly ten years of R&D, and seizing the business chances of the baby boomer generation, Gee Hoo successfully transformed. Now Gee Hoo has Body Charger and i-Care these 2 brands focusing on health improvement and physical rehabilitation.

Multinational Certified Invention Patents
Gee Hoo focuses on R&D, and has obtained certifications and awards from Taiwan, America, the EU, and China. It’s also well-considered tailored to the elderly's needs for safety and low impact. Through training on fitness equipment, users can improve their cardiopulmonary function, mental response, and muscle training.

AI Intelligence Trend
Response to new technologies development, Gee Hoo invests intelligent fitness equipment. i-Care, using professional equipment to analyze the user's physical condition is helping match the most proper fitness equipment. It can also sense the body changes and adjust the length and frequency of exercising, like your personal health consultant.
This series product has been cooperated with government in local and applied to intelligent health centers. Hope to found Taiwan as a model to promote the intelligent safe-sporting system over the world.

"After several years of technology R&D and market management, Gee Hoo will expand the market as new stage in 2020," said Chairman Xu. Focusing on fitness solutions for the middle-aged, Gee Hoo will continue to bring innovative, intelligent and humanized user experiences to consumers.

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