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MBJ Creates Fashionable Trade and Compression Sporting Stockings

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Focus on producing and researching in medical and sports socks area or 40 years, Shang Ciao after studies professional sports functioning and observes fashionable marketing, now introduces MBJ. It includes function socks, compression socks, and protective clothing. With colorful ergonomic design, MBJ offers completely protection while doing exercise and Eye-catching outfit accessories.

Compression Stockings apply to Medical and Sporting areas
At the beginning of foundation, Shang Ciao mainly produced tights. One of the pioneer companies of medical stockings in Taiwan, Shang Ciao took the lead in introducing the advanced machine from Germany and Italy. Meanwhile it expanded nearby overseas markets. Took several years to develop, applied for medical certification, and established brand reputation, Shang Ciao becomes the first Asian brand entering Chinese hospitals MBJ, Sporting function brand, is mainly selling to America. MBJ catches our eyes by colorful design instead of main dark design in market. MBJ cooperates with overseas brands and e-commerce platform to achieve local customer in northern America.
Launching New Products
based on hosiery knitting skills and well experienced to expand more sporting accessories. Rick Chang, the Manager, informed that MBJ will launch a brand new series of Knitted shoes. The characteristics are one-piece vamp and the design focus on different ages and exercise needs.

Exposure of Up-and-Coming Designer Crossover
These years, Shang Ciao offers small quantity OEM services, which start an opportunity of cooperating with the new generation designers. Rick Chang explained that these new generation designers might come from new clothing brand or independent studio in New York. By crossover overseas, MBJ exposes to new places. Cooperation carries Muses, which helps MBJ to catch the marketing trade, which level up the design and selling department.
Professional manufacture facilities and innovation R&D team are the keys of how Shang Ciao gains customer’s trust. In the future, With multi-product, based on 3 main core, Practicality, Health, and Fashion, MBJ targets to become a sports fashionable brand.


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