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Sports products export value would break the record in 2019

2020-01-20 10:50 浏览:5 来源:SPORT Trader   
According to the data from Ministry of Finance and Bureau of Foreign Trade, the total amount of sports products export value has reached USD 19328.2 million since January to November 2019. It gets a chance to break the amount of 2018; in other words, to break the history for past 9 years.


Among Taiwanese top five global exporters, America has nearly half of global exports, and is the most important market for Taiwanese sporting goods industry. China has 9% and Japan has 7.7%. From January to November 2019, the export value to America reached 9551 million US dollars, which increase more than 27% compared with the same period last year. It has exceeded the export value of more than 100 million USD in 2018. America is the most growth among the top ten exporting countries.


To observe from the products, the top three exports are still holding by fitness equipment, golf, and outdoor products, which account for 80% of the export value. Fitness equipment account for near 50%, which got the most growth.

The reason why indoor fitness equipment gets so much growth, is developing the markets of international famous resort hotel and large chain fitness clubs. It had exceeded 20% compared with the same period last year since November 2019. Because of U.S.-China trade war, many Taiwanese companies have been moving high-end product line back to Taiwan. Such as Johnson Health Tech, Rexon, and Tonic Fitness Technology all have announced setting up new factory or expanding original factory back to Taiwan.

Recent years, the fitness trend in European and America has leaded market needs. Taiwan got great advantages in having complete supply chain and high quality. Although Taiwan influenced by low-price product competition in China, Taiwanese companies have been more active in strengthening R&D, design, and mass production capabilities, including root in technology development and expansion of equipment and production capacity.

The production line has also gradually introduced intelligent and automated equipment to increase international competitiveness by improving production quality and efficiency.



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